Five medals for Team SA on Masters Cup Day One

The 2016 ICF Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup started in Brandenburg, Germany on Tuesday and Team South Africa got off to a flying start registering four medals in the morning session followed up by one in the afternoon events to give them five medals going into the K2 events on the second day of competition.

The morning started brightly for the South African team as the registered their first medal through Radoslaw Olszewski in the Men’s C1 50-54 age category. Olszewski finished with a silver medal in the fairly foreign boat class behind Enrique Miguez of Spain.

The team then piled on three more medals in quick succession with the ladies taking centre stage as Hilde Lapere repeated her 2015 success with another silver medal in the Women’s K1 55-59 age category. It was another mirror image as Lis Hart won her second bronze medal in as many years in the Women’s K1 50-54 age division.

South Africa had to wait until the end of 19km 60-64 age increment race before they could celebrate a gold medal and that was via the heroics of Theo Smit. Smit powered his way to victory by over two minutes with fellow South Africans Chris Visser and Alan Hold finishing in fourth and fifth respectively.

The afternoon session was not as successful for the team as only ever-green Lee McGregor medalled for South Africa. Incredibly, McGregor, who is 65 years old, raced in 45-49 year old age increment and finished third taking the medal tally on the opening day to five – one short of the same stage at last year’s World Cup in Hungary.


K1 Men >70
1.Andrew Morton (GBR) 01:42.54
2.Miroslav Kocum (CZE) 01:43.20
3.Sahi Pentti 01:44.13
10.Willem van Riet (RSA) 02:04.58

K1 Men 65-69
1.Einar Kjerschow (NOR) 01:40.00
2.Joergen Skabo (NOR) 01:40.15
3.Christian Wiatte (FRA) 01:43.00
14.Johan van Rooyen (RSA) 02:01.50

K1 Men 60-64
1.Theo Smit (RSA) 01:37.33
2.Robert Lang (CAN) 01:39.51
3.Einar Rasmussen (NOR) 01:41.21
4.Chris Visser (RSA) 01:41.22
5.Alan Hold (RSA) 01:42.27

K1 Men 55-59
1.Francisco Vazquez Redondo (ESP) 01:34.04
2.Thomas Kittner (GER) 01:34.05
3.Julio Gonzalez (ESP) 01:34.11
6.Bruce Wenke (RSA) 01:37.36
9.Linton Hope (RSA) 01:38.49
11.Colin Simpkins (RSA) 01:40.14
DNF James Earl (RSA)
DNS Nicolas Oldert (RSA)

K1 Men 50-54
1.Johan Brekke (NOR) 01:47.27
2.Brett Greenwood (AUS) 01:51.39
3.Anders Andersen (NOR) 01:53.55
6.Rob Hart (RSA) 01:58.26
8.Brendon Thompson (RSA) 02:01.51
16.James Tutton (RSA) 02:11.10

K1 Men 45-49
1.Michael Leverett (AUS) 01:47.58
2.Klaus Gieres (GER) 01:51.55
3.Lee McGregor (RSA) 01:52.11
Richard Kohler (RSA) 01:59.42

K1 Men 40-44
1.Rafael Carril (ESP) 01:47.13
2.Olaf Heijne (NED) 01:51.01
3.Ferenc Csima (HUN) 01:51.37
7.Zoog Haynes (RSA) 02:52.57
8.LAnce Howarth (RSA) 02:00.17

C1 Men 50-54
1.Enrique Miguez (ESP) 01:47.12
2.Radoslaw Olszewski (RSA) 01:47.37
3.Gyorgy Vass (HUN) 01:52.21

K1 Women 40-44
1.Barbora Vernerova (CZE) 01:45.01
2.Jette Baelum (DEN) 01:47.38
3.Eva Lopez Larrauri (ESP) 01:48.06
DNS Marion Young (RSA)

K1 Women 45-49
1.Isabella Jegoux (FRA) 01:42.12
2.Larisa Antonova (RUS) 01:45.57
3.Margarita Fdez-Ballersteros 01:46.20
DNF Kim Peek (RSA)
DNF Lisa Scott (RSA)

K1 Women 50-54
1.Ana Elena Gonzales Balmaseda (ESP) 01:45.37
2.Heidi Loncke (BEL) 01:47.41
3.Lis Hart (RSA) 01:50.43

K1 Women 55-59
1.Esther van Lohuizen (NED) 01:52.38
2.Hilde Lapere (RSA) 01:54.45
3.Gabrielle Hurley (AUS) 01:54.47